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46. New Songs In This New Season (with Melissa MacDonald)

February 03, 2022 KidZ at Heart International
KidZ at Heart Podcast
46. New Songs In This New Season (with Melissa MacDonald)
Show Notes

Our good friend, Melissa J. MacDonald, returns to the podcast nearly two years after she helped us launch KidZ at Home. At the onset of the global pandemic KidZ at Heart discerned the need for a free resource to get into the hands of parents, grandparents, teachers, and ministry leaders. Something that could be used at home as a supplement to churches and children's ministries who were all trying to figure out how to embody the phrase, "the Church has left the building."

Melissa was instrumental in helping us launch our video series and accompanying resource guides for KidZ at Home in March of 2020. Shortly thereafter, the KidZ at Heart Podcast was developed as a way to listen to the new KidZ at Home episodes that were being created weekly, at first, and then monthly. We decided to increase the frequency of podcast episodes by hosting additional conversations with other ministry leaders and practitioners in the areas of children's ministry and spiritual formation.

We are excited to see our community grow as more and more people are finding their way to the KidZ at Heart podcast. So, we decided to spend some time with Melissa and celebrate what God has done over the course of these past two years. We also share some news about the future of KidZ at Home in this episode.

Even though we're still in the midst of hard times, we can celebrate our God who is always  faithful, always present, and always giving us new songs for every new season.

Melissa MacDonald is a speaker, trainer, author, coach, lover of the church, and one of the leading voices in children's ministry. She would love to connect with you! Simply visit You can connect Melissa's social media or send her an email by scrolling to the bottom of her home page.

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