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23. Give Back to God (with Aja Carr-Favors)

December 03, 2020 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
23. Give Back to God (with Aja Carr-Favors)
Show Notes

Gordon West (KidZ at Heart President/CEO) and Adam Ormord (CDO) welcome special guest, Aja Carr-Favors, to the podcast to discuss the spiritual practice of stewardship. Aja is an attorney for a large denomination, a KidZ at Heart board member, and a mother of a delightful kindergartner.

Stewardship is the care and management of things that belong to someone else. Our time, our bodies, our money, our abilities. All these things are on loan to us from God. We are just taking care of them for a while. Stewardship flows out of our love for God and our desire for others to experience his love and care. Our love for God means that we share everything we are and everything we have for his purposes and plans.

Imagine what joy lies ahead for children who walk through all of life anticipating what God will do with their resources if they open their hands to him. What a privilege to help children habitually ask, “What do you want me to do with this, God?” What a difference that will make as they make decisions with their gifts and resources!

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