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27. The Joy of Being Together (with Valerie Hess)

February 04, 2021 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
27. The Joy of Being Together (with Valerie Hess)
Show Notes

Our 27th podcast episode features a very special guest. Thank you to Valerie Hess for joining our conversation on the spiritual practice of "Unity."

Valerie is the co-author of “Habits of a Child’s Heart: Raising Your Kids with the Spiritual Disciplines." She is also a retreat speaker, musician, mother, grandmother, and pastor's wife. Valerie was an Adjunct Professor at Spring Arbor University (Michigan) in the Master's of Spiritual Formation and Leadership (MSFL) program.

Being together is at the heart of the spiritual practice of unity. Unfortunately, unity is sometimes misrepresented as a kind of spiritual cloning where everyone tries to be all the same, even in thinking and responding. But, biblical unity is not so much about thinking and responding alike as it is about thinking and responding together – as a unit.

Growing up in an environment of unity makes it easier for children to live life with God, aware of being in his presence. Being surrounded by an atmosphere where there is joy in being together nurtures an open heartedness towards God. When a place of belonging in a loving “we” is offered, self-serving individualism is not enticing and “me first, my own way” is less likely to be a child’s default.

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