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32. Worshiping God with Our Eyes (with Scottie May)

June 03, 2021 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
32. Worshiping God with Our Eyes (with Scottie May)
Show Notes

Gordon West (KidZ at Heart President/CEO) welcomes Scottie May back to the podcast to talk about the spiritual practice of Visio Divina, or "Worshiping God with Our Eyes."

Scottie May is a retired professor (Wheaton), author, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and KidZ at Heart board member. This is Scottie's fourth time as a guest on our KidZ at Home Podcast. Be sure to listen to her other conversations  (#5, #19, #21).

What is Visio Divina? It's a way of paying attention, noticing, and communing with God through various forms of visual expression. Visio Divina is literally "Divine Seeing," or the practice of worshiping God through thoughtful engagement and wonder.  You’ve probably felt that sense of the Creator existing and inviting you beyond the created, and you may not have known what to call it. Children are masters of noticing, and they will help you learn how to experience God through this spiritual practice of Visio Divina, or divine seeing.

There is something very special about how our hearts are drawn to God when we experience creation and allow the impact on our eyes, ears, and heart to be noticed and reflected upon. And that’s why this KidZ at Home discussion is vital for helping children fall deeply in love with Jesus!

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