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34. Reviewing the Day (with Debby DeBernardi)

July 01, 2021 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
34. Reviewing the Day (with Debby DeBernardi)
Show Notes

Gordon West and Adam Ormord welcome Debby DeBernardi back to the podcast to discuss the spiritual practice of "Reviewing the Day."

Debby is a pastor, an experienced children’s minister, a mother and grandmother - and the spiritual director for the KidZ at Heart board.

“Reviewing the Day” is the simple habit of using questions to notice God.The Holy Spirit uses our questions to help us pay attention to when we noticed God in our day, when we weren't aware of him, or when we failed to trust him. It’s a time of reflecting on God’s blessings and learning to be more consistently sensitive to his intervention. It’s pausing to remember when we noticed his nearness or when we didn’t acknowledge him at all. It’s “listening deeply to the data of our lives.”

We can help children develop their own listening souls as we invite them into this rich, time-honored, practice with God. Practiced regularly, this will help children partner with God more and more as they grow in faith and discernment. Can you imagine how their love for God will be nurtured as they practice noticing him in all of life? The same is true for you!

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