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37. Helping Others Be Strong (with Dr. Deb Moncauskas)

September 02, 2021 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
37. Helping Others Be Strong (with Dr. Deb Moncauskas)
Show Notes

Gordon West (President/CEO of KidZ at Heart) and Adam Ormord (Chief Culture Officer) share a rich conversation with Dr. Deb Moncauskas about the spiritual practice of encouragement.

Deb is a minister, coach, wife, mother, and grandmother. She currently serves as a children’s pastor and professor at Bethel Seminary. Certified in StrengthFinders, Deb is a sought after leadership coach, writer, teacher, and speaker. Her doctoral dissertation focused on strengths-based leadership development for children ages 10-12.

You can learn more about Dr. Deb Moncauskas at her website:

We're thrilled to welcome Deb to the podcast to address some of the following questions: How do we come alongside children with encouragement so that they are built up to be courageous and strong? How is encouragement different from praise? What are some key words and phrases we can use when helping children know they are seen and deeply loved? How do we help children engage in the practice of encouragement?

Deb is a good friend of KidZ at Heart and International Network of Children's Ministry (INCM). Please visit to learn more about INCM and the annual CPC conference. Deb will be there, and so will KidZ at Heart!

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