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44. Purposeful Life Practices - Part Two (with Justin Earley)

January 06, 2022 KidZ at Heart
KidZ at Heart Podcast
44. Purposeful Life Practices - Part Two (with Justin Earley)
Show Notes

Gordon West and Adam Ormord welcome Justin Earley to the KidZ at Home Podcast to discuss the habits that form us.

Justin Earley is a husband and father, an attorney, a former missionary to China, a speaker, and an author. Justin hosts a blog, "The Common Rule," and is the author of the recently released book: "Habits of the Household: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms.

This is part two of a conversation we began in Episode #2, "Purposeful Life Practices," with Melissa MacDonald.  We're excited to continue the conversation with Justin on the topic of purposeful life practices, also known as a "rule of life."

Having purposeful life practices is all about finding ways to create space to be with God, so we can be transformed us by God's Spirit. These habits are not imposed on us as burdensome obligations. They are invitations to enjoy rhythms which will bring us into abundance. These routine practices are gifts that will refresh, rejuvenate, and re-center us – and our children - in the loving presence of God.

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